Introducing 2019 Best Coworking Space From Common Ground

The reason why Choose Common Ground?

Common Ground began operating in 2017. Since then, they’ve grown steadily to include locations in three countries, including Thailand and the Philippines. Common Ground offers a private office, shared office rental, fixed desk, and virtual office nearby. Common Ground also received an award for Best Coworking Space in 2019.

Some important things about working inside a coworking space are the flexibility and liberty which it gives your work, but also the construction of separating earn a living from home. A coworking space is likewise less pricey. Coworking also enables you to network with people doing all kinds of work.

A private office at Common Ground gives you the best of both worlds- the opportunities to community also, the private space to get work done. Your office is totally yours- you can access it 24/7 and it’s also lockable.We also offer a complimentary 12 hours use to the meeting rooms, and there are savings readily available for our events.

Common Ground

Relieve the strain of meeting monthly payments by renting a workplace. Renting is not only less expensive, but without worrying about the financial records, you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s truly important- developing your organization. Creating a rented space also makes it much easier to support rising and falling numbers of employees.

With a fixed desk, you can concentrate on your organization and let Common Ground maintain your rest! Some benefits include 24/7 accessibility to the fixed desk, 5 no-cost hours worth of use of conference areas, printing benefits (susceptible to terms), and members-only pricing for all our events.

Always on the move with no time for a physical office? Consider utilizing Common Ground’s virtual office package! Together with the virtual office, you’ll receive a company address, mail handling, and special lower rates on desks and conference suites at any one our locations. We also give you your personal business residential number over the Hello CG app!

If you are enthusiastic about offering coworking spaces a go, book a tour and experience right here at Common Ground. You can pick the preferred time and location through our internet reserving form. If you wish to find even more virtual office nearby benefits at Common Ground, check out our website at